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What is Oozoa Biomedical, Inc.?

Oozoa Biomedical is a Vancouver-based international consulting company established in 2000 by David Mortimer, PhD. It is the successor to Dr Mortimer's consulting company in Australia (Mortimer Scientific Consulting Pty Ltd) which was established in August 1991 and closed after Dr Mortimer returned to Canada in March 2000.

Oozoa has served clients in Canada, USA, UK, France, Spain, Austria, Sweden, Denmark, Australia, India and China, in various areas of reproductive biology and biomedicine in humans, as well as in domesticated and laboratory animals.

Who is Oozoa Biomedical?

Dr David Mortimer is President and co-owner of Oozoa Biomedical. After 14 years of academic research and teaching experience, during which time he was also responsible for diagnostic and therapeutic laboratory services, in the UK, France and Canada, he worked for 8 years as an IVF Scientific Director in the private medicine sector in Australia. During the last 20 years he has undertaken a wide range of consultancy and advisory work in various areas of reproductive biology and medicine in human, domesticated and laboratory species covering the development, provision and marketing of products, equipment and services from both the diagnostic and therapeutic perspectives. More information

Dr Sharon Mortimer is a reproductive biologist, with specific research interests in gamete physiology.  She trained as an embryologist at the Royal Women's Hospital in Melbourne (1985‑7), and has worked as an embryologist at the Foothills RFP (Calgary) and as Lab Director at the Genesis Fertility Centre (Vancouver).  She also held a U2000 post‑doctoral research fellowship in the Department of Animal Science at the University of Sydney.  She now has several roles: co‑Director of Oozoa Biomedical; Research Planning and Development Specialist in the Faculty of Medicine at the University of British Columbia; and Editor of the journal Reproduction, Fertility and Development.  This range of roles ensures that she stays current in the technological and research developments in reproductive biology, while retaining significant involvement in the provision of clinical service in the ART laboratory. More information

Oozoa Biomedical also has access to a network of other experts in many areas of reproductive biology and biomedicine. Depending on the nature of a client's requirements, Oozoa may propose that certain tasks be sub-contracted or delegated to more cost-effective service providers, but always - and only - with the client's approval.

What does Oozoa Biomedical do?

The services offered by Oozoa Biomedical cover a very wide range of laboratory issues involved in human reproductive biomedicine as well as artificial breeding of domesticated species. Primary areas of activity include:

orange dot Development and maintenance of successful assisted conception facilities and services.

orange dot Development and operation of diagnostic andrology laboratories to the highest international standards.

orange dot Quality and risk management in diagnostic andrology laboratories and human assisted conception centres.

orange dot Development, evaluation and validation of products intended for use in many areas of assisted reproduction technology.

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Copyright ©2002 Oozoa Biomedical, Inc.