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Oozoa Biomedical charges consulting fees by negotiation. While fees are generally typical of the international market in which services are provided, and reflect the home location of the company, fees to individual clients vary according to the following criteria:

orange dot Duration of contract Long-term relationships attract discounted fees.
orange dot Nature of relationship Under appropriate circumstances, a mixture of short-term fees and medium- to long-term renumeration in the form of equity or stock options might be considered.
orange dot Nature of work Corporate biotech work, for example, is charged at higher rates than work for clinical ART programmes. Acedemic insitutions might be eligible for additional discounts on standard fees.
orange dot Location of work When services have to be provided on-site at the client's premises, there are additional considerations of travelling time and expenses, the particular geographic location, and the duration of the period(s) on-site.
orange dot Exclusivity Exclusivity, in either commercial or geographical terms, will attract premium fees.
orange dot Promotional association Use by clients of the name Oozoa Biomedical and/or its principals in promotional or marketing activities, typically attracts premium fees.

N.B. Unlike some professional service organizations, Oozoa Biomedical does not charge for such things as photocopies, telephone calls or faxes, postage, etc. However, where a client requires documents to be sent by courier, we do reserve the right to pass on these charges at cost.

Please contact us to discuss your particular needs and to develop a customized quotation. The existence of your contact and all information discussed will, of course, be held in confidence.


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Copyright ©2002 Oozoa Biomedical, Inc.