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What has Oozoa done in the past?

Areas in which consultancy services have been provided to biotechnology companies by Oozoa Biomedical (or its principals prior to the incorporation of Oozoa) include:

orange dot Andrology diagnostic devices and services
Genosis Inc
SCSA Diagnostics Inc

orange dot Product / technology development - general

     black dot Computer-aided sperm analysis (CASA) and electronic sperm counters

Hamilton Thorne Biosciences
     black dot Sperm preparation
Nidacon International AB
Select Medical Systems Inc
     black dot Cryobiology
  - cryotank inventory systems
Taylor-Wharton (Australia)
  - straw handling and seeding forceps
Rocket Medical plc
     black dot Vaginal moisturizers
ING Fertility LLC

orange dot Product / technology development - IVF
     black dot IVF workstations
HD Scientific Pty Ltd
     black dot Media and incubators for human IVF
Cook Australia

orange dot Sperm cryopreservation and donor sperm banking

orange dot Product evaluations
  While numerous evaluations have been performed on a variety of products (e.g. antisperm antibody test kits, office sperm analyzers, sperm counting chambers, sperm morphology stains), specific products and companies are not listed due to the negative nature of some outcomes.


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Copyright ©2002 Oozoa Biomedical, Inc.